Sounds x Premiere: Blue Amber // Old Breed Pt. II

Allusions to Twin Peaks, the heft of brass, and a series of gritty lines I feel snorted into the dark reaches of my psyche: this is Blue Amber out with their latest head spinning track that effects an eeriness fitting for the autumn gloom.  

The Cardiff-based experimental spoken word project has had an impressive string of releases so far and are continuing the trend with ‘Old Breed Pt. II’. This is a dark and compelling track that combines felicitous samples with atmospheric instrumentation, while centering around gritty and poetic lyricism. Written by Andrew Noel and Phil Jones, ‘Old Breed Pt. II’ cuts deep with its imagery. Andrew’s performance here is emotive, at times bordering on bombastic as he displays a deep affinity with each word’s implication. One can clearly feel the performance of this spoken word piece as syllables sift through their medium. Electric guitars compete with saxophone as they culminate with Andrew’s dictation of criticisms and horrific grit ending in a free-jazz climax.

If you want a track to get under your skin this Halloween, look no further.

Check it out down below:

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