Sounds x Castorp: Last Night on Earth

Let’s close out this weekend with some good, sweet vibes and solid gold music, shall we? This tune by South London-based Castorp (Steffan Davies) is as if Leonard Cohen made bedroom pop in 2019. His dark, almost haunting vocals contrast with the somewhat light and laid back 1980’s-esque prom instrumentals—but, the contrast just works.

Faced with personal apocalypse, and a forced re-evaluation of the textures of his relationship with the world around him, Davies headed for the rural extremities of his homeland (Wales) to forge his new material in total isolation.

“Last Night On Earth” is the first chapter of Davies’ story of redemption, rebirth & recreating yourself – breaking the shackles of the past in order to move on, and brimming with the desperation that comes first.

The track is the type that you slow dance to in an empty room; it’s the track you play when cracking open a new book or lighting up a joint, incense going in the room. Castorp’s songwriting touches you in a deep place, while the instrumentals keep things light. The juxtaposition is beautiful, moving, and introspective. Listen to “Last Night on Earth” below.

Cover image by Henry Dean

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