Sounds x Video: argonaut&wasp // Monacillo

The vibes couldn’t get better than this tune and video by Brooklyn-based argonaut&wasp—once “Monacillo” started, I had to Google to see where this band was from (spoiler: it’s Brooklyn) because for a second I thought for sure they were from Paris.

The electro-dance meets funk tune is the perfect mix of Saturday Night Fever for contemporary times. It’s the marriage of Parcels and Foster the People—a gorgeous falsetto at the chorus and instrumentals that are nothing if not danceable.

Obsessed with 70s fashion, 80s synths, and 90s culture,  argonaut&wasp make music that has been described as the perfect soundtrack to NYC—and the vintage music video caps this off perfectly.

They play live as a four-piece, combining raw energy with electronic soundscapes and kaleidoscopic projections in their performances, and are currently on tour (dates here) with Miami Horror which is easily one of my favorite bands ever.

Watch the video below and for the love of God if you know what’s good for yourself, go see them on tour with Miami Horror.

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