Sounds x Video: Blain Cunneen // Do You Ever Feel This Way?

Let me just get one thing clear: any music video that features a person inside of an orb is going to be a good video. I’ll do one bigger: it’s going to be a good day.

The first time I saw someone in an orb, it was Wayne Coyne playing with The Flaming Lips in the middle of the mountains in upstate New York. I might have been on acid; things get blurry.

Image credit: Jenn Five, NME

What does any of this have to do with Sydney singer/songwriter Blain Cunneen, you might ask? Anyone who has the creative experimentation to break out an orb in public is a god, putting Blain Cunneen and Wayne Coyne in the same category.

Holed up in his Ashfield bedroom in the early months of 2019, Blain Cunneen recorded his debut 4 track EP “The Prizes We Demand” mostly in food-stained t-shirts and underwear (also a favorite of Wayne Coyne). He endured the sweltering heat nurtured by his beloved collection of Dyson fans, all the while undergoing his first bout with mental illness, which he explains hit him like a “…freight train out of fucking nowhere…” 

The result of this period is a nostalgic musical album with dreamy guitar tones and intimate vocals reminiscent of Elliott Smith, Bright Eyes and George Harrison.

“This clumsy kids found himself in strife / Forgotten how to make up his fucking mind / Oh mama please tell him what to do / Has heartbreak ever tasted so sweet to you? / Do you ever feel this way?”

Watch the hilarious—and slightly sad—music video for his tune “Do You Ever Feel This Way?”

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