Sounds: Annika Grace // Crazy Stupid Bitch

Nothing like coming home from a long day at work, and listening to the sounds of a strong female singer in a tune that is equal parts indie-pop and electronic. There is also something really refreshing about female artists taking the power back and owning the narrative that has been constantly thrown at us in a derogatory way.

In this case, “Crazy Stupid Bitch” by Annika Grace is less about what men are saying about women and more about the toxicity that can exist in women-to-women friendships.

Girls can be cruel to each other. We call each other names, go behind each others backs, tear each other down and with each not-so-nice thing that leaves our lips, it’s surprising that even though the ‘girl power’ movement is going full force, there’s still some girls that would be mean to each other. I was called a ‘Crazy Stupid Bitch’ by someone who I thought was a friend and instead of getting angry or getting even, I decided to channel that hurt into a song and in the process, release and let go as well.

Annika Grace

The Venice, California-based singer and poet has done right to channel that anger and frustration into a song; I’ve been the recipient of toxicity in female friendships and while I would have rather sent texts and emails arguing with the person, sometimes it’s better to be the bigger person and walk away.

In the end, I laugh about it because honestly we can all be ‘Crazy Stupid Bitches’ from time to time. Let’s change the narrative and instead of letting hurtful words get us down, let’s embrace them.

Annika Grace

Listen—and dance along—to her new track below.

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