Sounds: maxime. // pity party

Rarely am I excited to open up my Spotify, plug in my gigantic speakers, and play an album from start to finish. I get bored lately it’s like I want to do yoga, maybe I’m hungry, perhaps I’ll take a shower; maybe I’ll go to bed.

If you’re like me, you get this entirely. You’ll also understand why I am pleased to share an album with you that I think will hold your attention. maxime. has released a 5-track EP pity party, which is 11 minutes of indie-pop meets hip hop; it’s short, sweet, and perfect.

Making music from his home in Ottawa, Canada, Maxime Trippenbach, a.k.a. maxime., uses lush synths and guitars, soulful vocals, and drums that are muted but impactful. maxime. doesn’t sound like everyone; he doesn’t make music that everyone makes, and it’s tight. I get heavy Milky Chance vibes in this, especially with the track “pneumonia,” which is nice because, at this point, I don’t think you can publicly vibe out to Milky Chance and still be considered a tastemaker.

Feeling inspired to make a change from his debut EP, he began to write songs with his own vocals for the first time, trading in electronic music for indie-pop. Among the first of these songs to be released was “wys,” which was added to Spotify’s coveted “Fresh Finds” playlist in April.

Each track on pity party follows a similar thread, with hip-hop-inspired drums, smooth vocals, and captivating songwriting. So far I haven’t gotten up to brush my teeth, do yoga, or any of the other number of things my wandering brain tends to want to do.

pity party is a nice deviation from a lot of the indie-rock and hip-hop that inundates us these days—it’s refreshingly hip, yet original. Listen to it below.

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