Sounds: Rebounder // Slow Angel

East Village, NYC-based Dylan Chenfeld (a.k.a. Rebounder) has put out this new track “Slow Angel” and it’s everything that I love about NYC—and have loved for the past seven years. New York has an energy, momentum, ambition, and artistry that other cities can’t even come close to possessing. And, by way of that, the artists that create work in the city somehow breathe life of the city into their work.

Rebounder knows this, and does this, well. He also is obsessed with the show Gossip Girl, so we have at least one thing in common.

As the touring guitarist in one of my favorite bands, Blonder, Rebounder is back on the scene with his own solo stuff. He’s played showed out shows in Toronto and NYC, opening for The Neighbourhood and Porches—proving that this is far from his first rodeo.

“Slow Angel” is an urgent indie rock track, that makes me nostalgic for The Strokes-era work, but also excited because there is a resurgence in that style of music, but it’s fresh; it’s young.

Like getting dressed for a New Orleans funeral, but the funeral is for a relationship

It hasn’t set in yet that its ending, but you are prepping for the party

Something that lyrically is dark and dramatic, becomes a dance party with Rebounder’s vocals and infectious energy, making “Slow Angel” a Saturday afternoon party track. Listen to the tune below.

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