Sounds x Premiere: Sharkswimmer // Stolen Goods

Rise and shine little fishies, it’s time to unveil the newest EP Stolen Goods from our buds, Brooklyn-based Sharkswimmer. We had the ultimate pleasure of chatting with Justin and Steph from the band a few weeks ago, discussing the new EP, politics, and Austin versus New York, and you can read that interview in just a minute, but first the goods.

You spoke to us about our progress then pulled the rug out in the same breath

Your voices filling up with glass and it goes like

You look so good the way you pull back their hair

When they’re too tired to notice or they’re too faded to care

Underneath a blue sky, you pry then deny deny deny

Another Year in Review
Photo by Michelle Lobianco

The three-track EP is full of angsty punk, wrapped in eloquent songwriting and guitars that make you want to get up and play along, jumping around on top of your bed. Believe me, your neighbors will understand.

The album features some songwriting credits from Steph, who I learned during the interview is a relatively new—but equally important—fixture in the band.

Should have seen it in your dead eyes

Should have seen it in that picture on your windowsill

You were 30 years older and my rent was paid


Sharkswimmer wouldn’t be a punk band without covering hard-pressing issues that we are faced with this year. The political climate in the United States is far from an avoidable topic isn’t it? And the band does right by us in tracks “Another Year in Review” and “Windowsill” to discussing the corporate world and compromising your identity to fit society’s standards in “Break the Spell.”

Short, and sometimes sweet, the EP punches you in the gut with realness and then lifts you up at the end, closing out Stolen Goods with the line Fate is a bullshit excuse you use to get by, if you can’t explain it do you even want it?

Listen to the new EP below and exercise your civic duty today (NPR has a nice piece on Election Day):

Their EP release show is TONIGHT in NYC at Saint Vitus and it’s going to be honestly out of control. Our buds Noir Party and CUP are playing, and well Tuesday is the new Saturday, right? Event info here.

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