Sounds: Isaac Magalhães // Your Control

This new track by Ananindeua, Brazil-based Isaac Magalhães is the perfect soundtrack to my Wednesday evening, as I’ve just finished updating my budget and anxiously trying (see: dying) to figure out how to get out of debt. Story of every artists’ life, I imagine?

“Your Control” is about making plans, and growing up, and facing things that you didn’t want to face—or maybe weren’t ready to. But, while the lyrics help you realize how not-alone you are, the simple and fairly uplifting, indie-sing-song vocals makes you feel a little good about everything. Granted, I still wish I had 1 million dollars in my bank account, but at least I feel like I’m in control of my future; in control of my path. I’ve gone from emo to hippie in the time it takes for this song to finish. Not bad, Isaac. Not bad.

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