Sounds: LOUD HOUND // Cause a Commotion

Jesus Christ can’t help me, I’m a bad man, I’ve been saying that all my life

Yes, just yes, LOUD HOUND. YOU REALLY GET ME. All of that hedonism has caught up with me (or rather, my credit cards), and the track “Cause a Commotion” helps remind me that those days in my not-so-distant-past were all, all worth it. That is until my paycheck comes and is instantly gone in hopes of finally being responsible.

The track “Cause a Commotion” is the equivalent of Kerouac’s On the Road if it was an indie-rock song made in 2019. The track is nothing if not a relatable narrative, wrapped in raucous vocals (he isn’t called LOUD HOUND for nothing). It’s the track that a 20-year-old Bruce Springsteen would play on repeat; it’s the band that my Christian mother would ban me from listening to. It’s all sex, drugs, and rock and roll made from a desolate beach town in New Jersey with a population of no more than a few thousand people.

Spending most of his life growing up all over the US and Canada, Tommy Florio (a.ka. LOUD HOUND) takes his influences from his obsession for film, longing, and the feeling of isolation. He’s Dean Moriarty in the flesh, filling the void with the intensity of some of his contemporaries such as Hippo Campus, Alvvays, and Tame Impala.

Listen to the tune below.

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