Video: Weekender // Modern Daydream

Philadelphia psych/dream-pop outfit Weekender has released a video for their track “Modern Daydream”, and I am blown away at how creative and well-produced it is. Am I allowed to say that? I’ve also watched the video and decided that I either need to join a church or a cult. That’s what you were going for, right?

“Modern Daydream” was the first song Sheehan and Mudd wrote together for the EP and helps us confront, or at least recognize, the issues that we experience day-to-day, especially as millennials.

“Modern Daydream’ is a reflection of feeling stagnant and looking for the next phase of life. It speaks to chasing something that we are programmed to chase, and the desire to break out of that cycle – make a ton of money, buy a lot of stuff, make your life look awesome on the internet. In some ways, I think we are all trying to wake up from the modern daydream.”

The video is absolutely stunning—directed by Daphne Bacon and featuring an elaborate narrative and choreography to match, the piece is less a music video, and more a short film. Bringing on a team of people, and complete with costumes, Weekender has gone above and beyond for this music video. Watch it below—trust me, it’s worth it. Who wants to join my cult?

The track “Modern Daydream” is off of their newest album Modern Daydream, which came out in September on PaperCup Music.

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