Sounds: Beachtape // Somebody Like Hugh

Ever coming up, Brighton has been churning out notable sounds the past few years; combing its seaside location with a mishmash of independence and quirk. One such sound rising from the luscious Brighton sea foam are Beachtape. This three-piece indie band have been enriching and reveling in Brighton’s spry music community, taking steps out and gracing the stages and ears throughout the wider UK.

Here with ‘Somebody Like Hugh’, Beachtape are providing mellow sounds engulfed in grains of sandy fuzz. What begins with an ear catching riff, detached vocals come in with a sincere feeling of utter relaxation in a melodious harmony of subtle contrasts. I will forever feel at home in any space with this track playing, and most importantly when I’m currently trying to keep warm in my single-glazed window flat wearing layers of sweaters. With my heaps of sweaters and Beachtape on my speakers, I think I’ll be able to stay a little warmer this coming winter.

Listen to ‘Somebody Like Hugh’ down below.  

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