Sounds: EDGES // Skyline

Things I love this weekend: hanging with my friends who are recording a podcast centered around garage rock tunes (its called Doctor Zoddity) while finding out about the solo musical project of Nick Ruvalcaba. His project is called EDGES (the name was given to Nick by friend & frequent collaborator Black Monroe, who described the emerging sound as “existing on the fringe of various genres, but never quite penetrating one”).

The project began as a recording project in 2016, from Nick’s Los Angeles bedroom. He now lives in Spain, and what I love about his progression as a musician (and as a person) is that the track “Skyline” is set in LA. The lyrics are full of references of Los Angeles and a particular person who captured his heart—and mind. Where there are songs that are so-New York, this track by EDGES couldn’t be more LA, and I love that.

Instrumentally, the “Skyline” is like shoegaze-pop, dark and melodic, with a driving bass line, but an added layer to the tune that makes it a bit more upbeat. It’s classic sad boi LA and while Nick has since moved on, and is now living the time of his life in Spain, “Skyline” remains as a pin on the map of his life.

An apology letter set to music, with nocturnal imagery of the Los Angeles cityscape, “Skyline” is the first track off his The Sunsick EP.

Listen to it below.

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