Sounds: Famous Friend // Loveless

This track by Los Angeles based writer/producer Famous Friend (Zachariah Carlson) couldn’t describe my mood any better. Break-ups are not fun to get through; they are painful, they are drawn out (in my case), and if you’re really lucky, you also have to be a friend for a close friend who is also going through a break-up at the same time. Did you feel the sarcasm?

“Loveless” is the semi-shoegaze, indie rock tune that speaks volumes through Carlson’s powerful songwriting. You can allow yourself to get lost in the instrumentals, the chorus comes in like a wave, washing away all of your bad feelings, but the lyrics don’t wash away as easily. They stick with you. They make you feel what you’re going through; what Carlson is going through. What we have all experienced. He sings “we’re so loveless” and at least at this moment, you truly believe it.

Music has the power to transcend and also to wrap you like a warm blanket when you’re feeling particularly low, and the track “Loveless” does both with ease.

“Failing, sick of always failing; melodies of aging, I don’t want to try again”

Image by Leandro Moura

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