Sounds: Slowaves // Like Ghosts

The bendy synthesis of Slowaves’ debut single “Like Ghosts,” indicates that the title was influenced by the eerie flow and feel of this recording. The duo consists of Carlos Duarte and Matheus Silva, who hail from Belém in northern Brazil. The song was recorded entirely at home, Duarte on vocals and recorded and produced by Silva. This is their first release by label Midsummer Madness and they are currently working on other songs which will be included on their first EP. They’ve nailed the whole Psych Pop essence of the genre and have it down to a science, if “Like Ghosts” is any indicator. 

With the lyrics “We don’t belong here anymore, you’re the only light I know. Let’s fade away like ghosts,” Duarte seems to imply that he would like to escape to another plane with the subject of his affection.

A steady electronic drum pattern accompanies you along on this synth-heavy creation of Silva’s. The instrumental and vocal effects make you feel as though you’ve been taken to another plane and have returned to float along like a ghost.

Let’s hope Slowaves continue to churn out more sonic nuggets like this one.

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