Sounds: BIOND // TFW

The absolute babe BIOND is all about making tracks about things that we can appreciate—her last release “Like He Never” was an antidote to hook-up culture, which let’s be honest, if you live in New York, LA, or London, this will be your new anthem.

“A track about dancing might seem like a cliché, but when you’ve been used, you feel like you’ve lost ownership of your body. It takes all the confidence in the world to get back out there and dance like none of it got to you.” 

Now she’s back with a new track, that also hits home, and to be honest, as the weather gets colder and partners continue to disappoint, “TFW” is a vibe.

‘TFW’ unveils an emerging theme throughout BIOND’S releases: the value of relationships in an era of instant gratification and infinite opportunity.

We’ve all grappled with the grass seeming greener on the other side. ‘TFW’ (or That Feeling When) is an expression of the internal battle between love and lust: one is new, dramatic and dangerous, whereas the other represents a deep and secure connection.

Can I just get a tattoo of this quote, when someone asks me what I’m looking for? And, is it so bad to want a deep and secure connection, that also has layers of drama and danger, without becoming toxic? Surely that’s possible.

Listen to “TFW” below.

Photo by @jeffandersenjnr

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