Sounds: rincs // Spell It Out

Sometimes you just come across a track and you listen to it for the first 30 seconds, and feel like you’ve automatically transformed into a badass. Not a poser-badass; a real, true-to-form Greaser.

Los Angeles-based rincs does that for me, with their new track “Spell It Out.” This song was inspired by the production on some Jesus and Mary Chain recordings (which, if anyone knows me, knows that they are one of my favorite bands). I flew to London for a Jesus and Mary Chain concert once. The love runs deep.

Featuring heavily distorted guitars, and a strong narrative, this female-fronted band has just been moved to the top of my list. I need an old school Cadillac convertible so I can blast this track, and give it some justice. Listen to “Spell It Out” below.

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