Sounds x Video: FFOOSS // GTBT

Happy almost Friday everyone! This week started with a true feeling of productivity that has slowly waned. But you know what? All of that is about to change. This new tune (and video) from Utrecht-based band FFOOSS is going to get everyone up off their arses and make something of themselves.


The super creative video is a joke on a soap series, in which the intro’s make it seem as though everything is nice, but in the soap itself there is always drama.

“We thought that it was a pretty good reflection of todays world. Everything seems nice in the beginning, but shit happens afterwards. Hence the title, good times, bad times [GTBT]”


This is just their fourth single, but they’ve accomplished quite a lot so far. They played with IDLES, Marmozets and SEETHER, and are well on their way. Their debut EP will be released in February 2020 with White Russian Records, on 12inch blue vinyl (etched B-side). Stay tuned and watched the comical video below x

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