Sounds x Video: Micra // Fuzz Captain

We’ve got this dreamy new single in from Sydney-based duo Micra, that’s a perfect antidote for this gray New York day.

Micra, is the combined project of Bulgarian born and raised singer-guitarist Ivana Kafedjiyska and Australian guitarist-producer, Robbie Cain. The pair, now based in Sydney, met at an Unknown Mortal Orchestra show (so we know they have good taste!) after the ticketing Gods coincidentally sat them next to each other.  That chance meeting blossomed into a musical kindship which, after months of jamming in a friend’s Sydney basement, led to the formation of Micra in 2018.

Ivana Kafedjiyska’s inimitable and strangely transfixing voice carries you through “Fuzz Captain,” soothing you, while also making you feel slightly more vulnerable than you’re comfortable with.

“When left only with a brief interaction between yourself and a stranger, your mind is left to fill in the gaps about almost the entirety of who they are as a person. Often the gaps are filled exactly how you want, leading to an idealistic picture of that person from a distance. “Fuzz captain” explores the hopeful lonely feeling of potentially meeting that stranger for the second time.”


The music video feels like a dystopian, Sims character world of Black Mirror. If that’s enough of a hook for you, watch it below.

Five minutes with Micra

What inspired you to make this video?

We wanted to pair the song with a video because the song feels cinematic at its core. There is minimal lyrical content and the melodies are floaty – so we wanted the visual to be trippy and ethereal to match. We thought it might have more impact on the listeners this way.

Do you watch Black Mirror, and do you feel that the music reflects the show and concepts discussed/conveyed in the show?

We do! The music definitely evokes that post apocalyptic mood. It’s a genre of film that inspires us a lot actually. Our music doesn’t set out to be as political or provocative as Black Mirror, but probably comes from an equally paranoid/pensive state.

Who made the music video, and what made you want to work with this artist?

Michael Beets. We knew we wanted something 3D and our manager (Adrian McGruther) had worked with him previously with another artist. He sent us some samples of his work and we loved it. The whole concept of a dreamy video game style landscape matches with the themes perfectly. It felt confusing but romantic enough to match the song’s integrity. It evokes that idea of finding yourself in an infatuated dream world.

What does Micra mean/stand for?

Small, insignificant things in life like music are what can impact us most and drive us to make the most important, big picture decisions. Something like that.

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