Sounds: M the Myth // Speed of Life

One of my all-time performers has released a new track and I am just beyond excited to share it with you lot. M the Myth is an NYC-based artist created with both male and female energies—their androgynous and abundant expression of life is visible on and off stage; you’re instantly pulled into their aura. M the Myth is a unicorn that once you meet, you just know they will become big one day. Mark my words.

Their new track “Speed of Life” is such a good antidote for anything that I have experienced this past month, but also if you’ve felt the effects of Mercury in Retrograde, then you can also relate.

“Speed of Life” is about letting go of negative patterns of belief. It’s a song for anyone who has ever felt stuck in a cycle of destructive habits and wants out. The chorus talks about that moment of departure from an unbearable reality into a beautiful and infinite unknown. 

M the Myth

If you’re like me and have been experiencing the up’s and down’s of life—or relationships—this track is for you. Their live show is highly stylized, rhythmic, and surreal with bright costumes, dramatic wigs, and an undeniable air of radiance brought to the stage.

I want people to live their lives to the fullest, at whatever “Speed” that might be. What makes someone happy and how they discovered that happiness is the Speed of Life

M the Myth

Here’s hoping we can all find that layer of happiness at some point soon. (P.S. you can see them perform tomorrow at our Blonde artist management x Left Bank showcase). Listen to the new tune below x

Image by Sal Muñoz for The FEMME Project

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