Indie-pop singer and songwriter R E L has quickly been gaining attention in the modern music landscape for her unique creative vision and raw, emotive songwriting. Best known for her passionate vocals and kaleidoscopic dreamy style, today she’s released “Placebo” and you, my dear friends, get to hear it first.

The first single release from Side B of her three-part EVOCAPOP album—a story all about self-love—R E L breathes new life into the indie-pop genre with her imaginative songwriting. Each of the three sides of the album carry its own distinct theme, with Side A about hitting a low realizing you’ve been hurting yourself in some way and Side B about healing and embracing love.

I’ll tell you right now my dear friends on the Left Bank, as someone who has been going through the ringer with emotional and mental stressors lately, self-love is the only story I’m trying to hear—or share—these days. Gear up.

Produced by Will Everett and mastered by Greg Calbi, “Placebo” is about a love that makes you feel better. It’s the idea that when you fall in love with someone you can start to believe that they are “fixing” you so you feel like a better version of yourself. R E L’s thoughtful and introspective vocals are perfectly complemented by Everett’s atmospheric and enchanting production.

R E L and Will Everett co-wrote “Placebo,” as well as “Plateau” from R E L’s crowdfunded debut EP in 2015 (r.e.l.) and “Surgery” from her latest EP (EVOCAPOP Side A). To accompany the release of “Placebo,” last night R E L delivered a mesmerizing performance at Los Angeles’ esteemed venue The Echo. But if you weren’t out in LA, you can just go ahead and hear the new track below. Take care of yourself y’all and happy (and calm) motherf*cking weekend.


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