Sounds: Drens // HEAT

Many of you may already know how much we on the Left Bank love Drens—the Dortmund, Germany surf rock band that does surf rock better than some of those physically located in California.

Short, but meaningful digression: I keep trying to tell you all that Cali is a state of mind, but maybe my buddies Drens can better explain.

“That is what I need, the ocean ’round my feet.”

Drens, HEAT

The band originally met in late 2017 after studying sound at university, and through a shared love of lo-fi harmonies and halloumi sandwiches, Drens agreed it would be a lot of fun writing songs and going touring in a secondhand van. They’ve played Open Source, Kosmos Chemnitz and Open Flair festivals, got featured in several YouTube sessions, radio shows and playlists, including New Music Friday and Alternative Generation.

When a band has so much buzz around them, you can’t help but think, ‘they better be good’ and Drens doesn’t disappoint.

The tune “HEAT” came out back in September, and admittedly it’s winter and cold as hell and everyone is shopping for holiday presents; the tune takes you back to a simple, chilled place in time—or a place of mind as well. It’s no worries, and good vibes; who can say no to that?

‘HEAT is desire. HEAT is not being landlocked anymore. HEAT is the sun. HEAT is wandering around. HEAT is making love. HEAT is the shore. HEAT is coming home. HEAT is the waves. HEAT is a bottle of wine. HEAT is falling asleep, midday. HEAT is him. HEAT is her. HEAT is rest of the day, doing nothing and wasting time, with you.HEAT is this feeling of Freedom. This is what I need.’

Drens, HEAT

Listen to the surfiest of surf tunes below.

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