Sounds: Gizmo Varillas // Danza Da Sombras

“Danza de sombras means dancing shadows in Spanish. It’s a metaphor for the constant dance between light and dark, good and evil.”

Gizmo Varillas

This new track by Santander, Spain-born, London-based artist Gizmo Varillas is fulfilling my need for cuddles this cold November evening.

Less of a track and more of an aural experience, Gizmo sings in his native Spanish, moving you through the tune and feeling just a bit lost at the end—and then what happens? What happens next? Who am I? Who have I become?

Yeah, it’s kind of like that.

The track is a follow-up to his single ‘Out Of The Darkness’ (released in May 2019), and while it’s a few months old at this point, it is definitely (in my opinion) better served on a cold fall night.

“They say the eyes are the window to the soul… In Danza de Sombras I take a closer look, it’s a love song to the world and our humanity. There will always be shadows that walk beside us, but the important thing is to not forget the beauty that surrounds us”.

Gizmo Varillas

Listen to the sun-drenched, flamenco-flavoured tune “Danza Da Sombras” below.


Con tan solo tu mirada
Con esos ojos tu me tienes en un trance

Con tan solo tu figura
Invades sueños con tu sombra oscura

Danza de Sombras

Con tan solo tu tonada
Llegas con tu misterio a mi alma

Con tan solo tu sirena
Oigo echoes en cada pensamiento

Danza de Sombras

Un susurro al oido
Acarcia mi piel
Por tan solo un momento

Danza de Sombras

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