Sounds: The Lizards // Astroboy

The Birmingham-based band The Lizards are back at it with this killer psych-rock track “Astroboy.” Full of layers that create the most acid-trip soundscape, the tune is akin to what looking through a kaleidoscope would sound like. It’s trippy and fuzzed-out; listening to this tune is our version of church on a Saturday evening.

Imagine the distorted vocals of Wavves, the fidgety psychedelic pomp of King Gizzard and the weed-infused wonder of early MGMT, and you have “Astroboy.”

Formed in 2016, the band is made up of Dan Whitehouse (Vocals/Guitar), Harry Shaw (Keys/Guitar), Liam Radburn (Drums/Percussion) and Radek Kubiszyn (Bass). As you make your way through the track, you can tell that they’ve been playing together for a while: everything seems to just fit.


This is not a test. This is real fucking life and if you don’t know The Lizards, now is your chance to get acquainted.