Sounds: Vern Matz // Void Detection

Vern Matz makes tunes that make you want to slow dance to. Or cry. Or cry whilst slow dancing. The duo was formed at Yale University, and consistently puts out well-thought-out tracks with extremely strong songwriting, and a melody that you can tap your feet to.

Toeing the line between indie rock and folk, Vern Matz is often described as a bunch of hooligan emo shoegazers who stand opposed to brunch culture. I want nothing more than to head up to Yale and get a campus tour by them (can we make this happen?) followed by a sweet serenade on the quad. Oh to be 19 again.

An acoustic tune to keep you warm in the rain. A meditation on physical deterioration and endings and novels and large holes, wherever they may be. God is dead and the floor is falling so you better grow up quick. 

Vern Matz

The band is led by frontman Daniel Belgrad, a Korean American who “mistrusts penguins due to their tendency to perform acts of radical violence.” Joining him is the elusive Michael Lituchy, a Taurus who secretly writes songs in the twilight while raising cattle in remote Connecticut. Full of Left Bank weirdness and songs of love, hope, and post-collegiate stressors, Vern Matz is that band that you wish you had in college, and are happy to have now.

Listen to their tune “Void Detection” below x

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