Sounds x Review: KORPX // I Want to Live! (Again)

From the comfort of his living room, indie artist Charles Korpics, better known by his stage name Korpx,has been producing a plethora of syrupy smooth tracks. Just in the past seven months, Korpx has self-released three EPs and two singles. His most recent single, I Want to Live! (Again) stands out among the succinct catalog.

The instrumental track begins with a lazy and brooding guitar that thickly disguises a rising anthemic synth. A lush four on the flour backbeat then bridges the gap between the song’s turbulent intro and its cream-like verse section. Hinted melodies and an airy production-value give the laconic single a sense of motion.

This single by Korpx is sonically eclectic with an unfettered accesbility. His entire catalog would fit right in with any ‘beats to study/relax to’ playlists or shuffled through the deck of any devout emo listener’s daily mix. The influence of alt legends Tycho and Modest Mouse are just as easily distinguishable as the guidance of emo-revivalist outfit Algernon Cadwallader.

The composer’s formula is simple, natural, and pleasing. Korpx flies through the creative process by the seat of his pants, writing, and recording every instrument of every song in the same session. After slapping a vintage-looking photo from his childhood over the top, the results are uploaded to his YouTube channel and eventually onto streaming platforms. Without release dates, Facebooks ads, or suffocating label management, Korpx manages to keep himself steadily above the rushing current of today’s music scene. A concoction of synths, strings, and Instagram posts are all Korpx needs to stay afloat.

From his living room in Upstate New York, Korpx continues to deliver tracks that would make any study listener slump deep into their chairs with ecstasy. His EP Village Of is now streaming on all platforms, hear it below.

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