Sounds: Zuffalo // I See My Future

Have you ever started listening to a tune and wished that you were in the middle of an open field, or mountainous region watching them perform? That’s how it is within the first ten seconds of the tune “I See My Future” by Zuffalo. Inspired by genre-blending bands like The Allman Brothers, Cream, The Beatles, and Wilco, the four piece band is all funk and groove.

The Toronto-based band channels all of those 1960’s vibes that we all so desperately wish we were around to experience in the flesh. Fresh with groovy riffs, funky keys, and infectious melodies, Zuffalo is nothing but good vibes. Seriously, I can’t stop smiling as I listen to this track.

Where is my time machine, and ticket to see Zuffalo at Woodstock?

Listen to “I See My Future” below (and tell me if it involves seeing them play some totally psychedelic festival in 2020).

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