Sounds: Briskey // Nothing to Lose

Oh my lord this track by Briskey is so smooth and sensual. A sexier version of Australia’s Parcels, Briskey (also from Oz) brings together R&B and indie rock influences, coupled with soulful vocals in his new tune “Nothing to Lose.”

“It’s about my personal relationship with loneliness and directed at the girl I’ll eventually meet and fall for. I don’t particularly see it as a love song for a person that doesn’t exist. It’s more of a therapeutic way of expressing myself. I feel like it’s me being optimistic about the future of my love life, I’ve got Nothing To Lose.”


The 24-year old artist, producer and multi-instrumentalist knows his way around a perfectly crafted track, showing that he’s listened to his fair share of tunes in such a short period of time. And what we get is his incredible debut single, which is nothing if not irresistible. Straight out of Brisbane, the city has certainly played its part in the track: you’ll find themes of love and candid-musings cast shadows on his world of hazy-pop, with a ray of sunshine filtering through the cracks. 

Far from just an indie rock track, “Nothing to Lose” is also totally, and completely danceable. Is it indie pop? indie rock? Electropop? Dance? Listen for yourself and let us know what you think.

Photo by Elli Webb Photography