Sounds: Emma Elisabeth // “I’d Be Lying”

The moment you hear the voice of Emma Elisabeth, the wavering warmth of this sultry songstress is just like a blanket. The raw production of “I’d Be Lying” provides the listener with an intimate listening experience. It’s as if you’re there with her in a live setting with few people around, gathered closely and listening intently. 

With this single, off of her latest album Melancholic Milkshake, the Berlin-based Swedish artist is just getting started. Every lyric can be made out distinctly, as Elisabeth sings from the heart about love and longing as she tries to discover what she’s truly looking for. It’s as if these laments are taken directly from her personal diary, where we get a firsthand glimpse into the mind of someone who has insecurities and is not afraid to expose their human nature.

She sings, “I feel like crying every time I see your face, I feel like dying every time you walk away. But I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want you to stay,” which anyone who’s ever been with someone can certainly relate to. 

Listen to the track below.

She’s played at SXSW and toured with our faves Sunflower Bean and would love to collaborate with Dolly Parton, Pharell Williams or Beck in the future. Maybe an unexpected mix of influences and collaborators but she doesn’t want to limit herself.

She wants to take her varied love of guitars and Americana but says “I think (basically) my songs are pop tunes. I guess that’s my Swedish pop heritage.”

Catch her on tour this winter. Dates below:

Image by Natalie Rose Dodd