Sounds: Modern Hell // Colt

Where shoegaze meets alt rock is where you’ll find Modern Hell. The brainchild of Nicholas Pistoia, Modern Hell channels early ’90’s grunge and rock influences, so much so that you have to ask yourself whether Pistoia was born in Seattle (hint: he’s not, he’s from rural Northern California).

Now, the Austin-based musician packs up all of his angst and puts it into chorus-drenched tracks, loaded with infectious melodies and urgent guitars. A baby Soundgarden in the making, their new tune “Colt” literally uproots you from wherever the hell you come from, and drops you into the pacific Northwest. Or Austin.

It’s in my mind
I feel it well, I see it
Through your eyes
You might be dead
Yeah, it’s in my mind

Modern Hell, Colt

Modern Hell recorded its first full-length album Iterative at Sharkbite Studios in Oakland, CA this June, and you can hear more of their tunes on their Spotify page.

Listen to the new tune “Colt” below.

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