Sounds: Old Smile // Through To You

Someone hand me a glass of wine and a lover, because this new tune by Old Smile is made for us. From the second “Through to You” starts you’re overtaken by emotion—the acoustic guitar, the soulful vocals, the smell of nostalgia—it’s all really too much to bear.

The song is from the EP Upended Lantern Path, which tells their experience of going into psychosis in late October of 2017. 

Delusions and mania led to a stay in a psychiatric facility where I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. It’s also about falling for someone at the wrong time and a string of monotonous low paying physical jobs. 

Old Smile, on Upended Lantern Path

Written, performed, recorded, and mixed all by himself, Old Smile is one of those geniuses that we take for granted. He’s seen a lot, experienced a hell of a lot more, and makes music that brings a grown person to tears.

“Why couldn’t I find a better time to fall for you”

Old Smile, Through To You

Listen to the gorgeous tune “Through To You” below.