Ruby Empress

Sounds: Ruby Empress // Lonesome Cowboy

Start your engines ladies and gentlefreaks, we’ve got a new track from Ruby Empress. The Swedish band has constructed the perfect indie electronic soundscape to fit just about any mood. Going through a break-up? Dry your eyes and listen to this tune. Pregaming for a night out? Turn this bad boy up. Hanging out with your parents and can hardly stand another minute? Get out those headphones mates.

Formed by Tom Serner (lead vocals), Axel Agervi (keys) and Melker Petterson (guitar), the band’s music is reminiscent of a more danceable version of Parcels. With smooth vocals, a 1970s-inspired spirit, and lyrics that feel like they were written for you, “Lonesome Cowboy” is one of those catchy tracks from 2019 that you just know you’ll hear in a commercial in the future.

Musically Ruby Empress share all that they love: alchemy, disco, ancient melodies, psyche, eerie quires, strings, romanticism, heavy guitars, heavy ballads, symbolism and mysterious lyrics. 

Listen to the track below.

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