Sounds x Video: Orchid Electric // There’s Only So Much

Depending on whether your weekend has been relaxing or a complete sh*tstorm of friends and family time, Orchid Electric’s “There’s Only So Much” can be a nice reprieve or a strong deviation. Influenced and informed deeply by post-punk, krautrock, synthpop, hypnagogic pop, and and every form of electronic music from IDM to vaporwave, Pensacola, FL-based Orchid Electric channels all of those influences into this new track.

Full of psychedelic colors, soothing instrumentals, and repetition of ‘There’s Only So Much” throughout the track really belabors the point: there’s only so much that you can stand.

What I love about this tune, and the accompanying video, is the psych-elements make the message hit home a lot more than if this was an instrumentally post-punk or alt track. “There’s Only So Much” soothes you while the message of being incredibly overwhelmed doesn’t make you feel even more unhinged. It creates a perfect balance that I, for one, can really appreciate.

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