Feyer – “Parties!” Video Review

The opening shot of Feyer’s music video for “Parties!” indicates that the viewer is about to embark on a feel good adventure with this upbeat and party hat clad multi-instrumentalist. Hailing from New York City, he creates music that is experimental and fun. This is definitely a song that gets into your head after awhile and you can’t help but sing along, “look at everybody, raging at the parties, they’re drinking and they’re taking lots of drugs. Look at everybody scoring at the parties, people left and right are hooking up.” The song’s lyrics imply what a typical Saturday night is like, leading up to going out. It’s a song party people might put on while they’re getting ready, but it also touches upon the overrated and overhyped reality that comes along with the scene. Filmed by Sara Laufer, with audio recorded by Jake Cheriff (Paper Moon Records), the video was shot live on a Brooklyn rooftop,  with bandmates Sarah Langer (guitar), Jesse Featherstone (keyboards/backing vocals) and Michael Bouteneff (drum pads); the sunset serving as a nice backdrop. After viewing, you’ll be compelled to ask: Can I get an invite? 

This single is out now on all platforms, in partnership with Kobalt’s AWAL. You can find out more about Feyer by checking out his Facebook: @FeyerMusic and Instagram: @feyermusic. 

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