Sounds: Karl Jakob // Pippi is dead

Simple, stripped down indie pop is what Swedish producer and multi-instrumentalist Karl Jakob is all about and he pulls it off rather well. As he lazily strums away, a somber tone is created when he opens about Pippi Longstocking being dead.

On “Pippi is dead,” a single off of his latest EP: Pippi is dead. And we killed her, he sings in such a melancholy, even tone that is soothing in a cathartic way and easy to get lost in. It’s hard not to focus on the guitar, as it plugs away and helps to relay the song’s message.

In my version, Pippi Longstocking — perhaps the most famous of Astrid Lindgrens characters, being the symbol for youthful strength and adolescent naivety — is the one being killed. This marks the end of a happy childhood and the beginning of real life.

Karl Jakob

You can’t help but pay attention as he reveals deep and honest internal pain and conflict. Lyrics like, “summertime is gray, weather’s always fine if you’re emotionally okay. I said goodbye to all my friends…Well, it’s hard to be alone. What a glorious day to live, what a glorious life to live.” It seems as though he doesn’t believe it to be so glorious, as if he’s mocking his own words. Glorious, indeed…

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