Sounds x Premiere: Safer // Countercultural Savior

We are so stoked to premiere the new video from our buds Safer. The video features the brand new single from the band (featuring Mattie Safer, singer and bass player for Poolside & The Rapture) and is full of present-day images of Safer entwined with images of counterculture’s past.

The song is about how we worship these rock ‘n’ roll, counterculture figures like prophets,  just to be let down, when it turns out they are really just selling us self-destructive behavior and lining their pockets with profits. Director Bill Heffley really did a bang up job of fitting together all this archival footage to nail home the point, I couldn’t be happier with how it came out.

Mattie Safer

“Countercultural Savior” is fueled by urgent guitars, Mattie Safer’s strong and unique vocals—it feels like a perfect mix between a 90’s dance party and a protest/ rebel track.

“I think I lost my mind and I don’t want to ever sleep again.”

Watch the new video below:

Catch them for Mattie’s birthday show/party tonight in Brooklyn, featuring Safer, The Wants, Godcaster, and Extra Special. Event info here.

Photo Credit: Kevin Condon

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