Tella Viv Bisou Bisou

Sounds: Tella Viv // Bisou Bisou

“Oui Monsieur, it already goes through my head.”

As the year comes to a (thankful) end, it’s our job to make sure that you hear some of the best tunes made in 2019. One of them is this killer tune by Tella Viv.

The Swedish band had an absolute blast making the indie pop tune “Bisou Bisou,” complete with a lot of ridiculous french that makes me truly happy. It’s fun and upbeat; something you would hear playing at The Moth club in London or Le Pop Up in Paris. It’s a flirty track about love (and presumably sex) and I honestly can’t get enough.

“Oui, oui coucou … I need bisou bisou …”

If you’re like us and speak French, you’ll find this track endearing and hilarious. It’s not meant to be taken seriously, unlike plenty of other French-language songs, and I like that.