das bisschen Totschlag

Video: das bisschen Totschlag // “Clay”

Brunchpop German band das bisschen Totschlag has put out this gorgeous, dark, and minimalist music video for their track “Clay.” The band describes their background/bio as ‘all about the beauty of vulnerability in the Digital Age and the ever more apparent fact that nothing really matters’ and the nihilistic approach really works for them.

As seen in the music video “Clay”, which is a mixture of live footage from a session that they did last year and haunting, lynchesque nature shots, the dark and somber tone intertwined with the cinematic (and creepy) nature shots make you feel like nothing and everything at the same moment. The German’s just do it better.

This song is part of our debut album “easy care + softener”. Because we believe it’s an energetic and dynamic song (especially the end!).

das bisschen Totschlag

P.S. Their tune “Be safe” is such a stark contrast with “Clay”—it’s upbeat, indie electronic at it’s best. Listen // watch here.