Sounds: Заговор (Zagovor) // “Ya—Tvoy”

Zagovor (conspiracy) holds the key pieces to what makes a great post rock tune. It’s a bit of mystery, confrontation, simplicity, and a bit of menacing seriousness to the listener. Their song “Ya—tvoy” (either translated as ‘I am yours’ or ‘I am—you are’) pushes a division between the performer and listener that gives the song just enough edgy intimidation. It drops simple synthy chord swells against a backdrop of typewriter-like drum programming and a bleating, if insistent, bassline. 

It comes across as a more sedate Suicide with a mysterious, hushed Alan Vega-esque vocal murmur, repeating an ominous “You, know …” which builds expectation under the din of the Wendy Carlos-inspired synth patterns.

What can one expect from Zagovor with a song like “I am yours”?  Certainly not your typical bedroom synth post rock—but more likely street music that channels simple song structure along with the imagery of a cinema-like soundtrack.

-Miles Rinehart

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