Sounds: Vtoroy Etazh Porazhayet // “Segodnya – Zavtra”

Look no further than the early New Order or Cure deep album cuts for some of their worn influences, but what Vtoroy Etazh Porazhayet (translated in English to ‘2nd Floor is Striking’) also glances back at is the simpler production of the fabulous Soviet-Block bands like Viktor Tsoy’s Kino. What you get with their track “Segodnya – Zavtra” (translated to ‘Today tomorrow’) is a striking mix of Russian post-soviet synth and first wave post-punk.

Interestingly it’s the bold inclusion of the later influence that really colors this record. Instead of nostalgia, the sound with its icy synths and simplified drum programming gives the feeling of an experimental band with tunesmith capabilities that are worth digging deeper into.

Simple yet crafted vocal lines and a lush atmosphere make a cool 3 minute sweet chant “segodnya nochyu- vsye hudoy …” which translates to “this evening everyone is going … leave it to tomorrow to be alone.”

The vocals flair with multiple octave repetitions showing that Vtoroy Etazh Porazhayet is prepared to sweeten the biting post-punk with an interest in expanding a sonic vocabulary. As the album title indicates ‘Kto-to, Gde-to’ (Whoever, wherever) Vtoroy Etazh Porazhayet is here to put some delicate qualities into the post-punk aesthetic and bring the sounds of Russia to an audience ready to experiment.

-Miles Rinehart

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