Sounds: MIYNT // “Vacation with Bond in South of France Part 2”

This might be the longest song title we’ve ever had the pleasure of putting on the Left Bank, but it’s well worth it because a) France and b ) the grooves baby.

This feel-good indie electronic tune from Swedish artist MIYNT channels late Daft Punk vibes, with it’s layered, funk-heavy instrumentals. The ethereal vocals add what something like a Parcels is missing, giving the tune a full dose of dynamism without overdoing it. It’s the track you listen to while driving through Cannes or Nice, taking a quick trip over to Monaco to win back all the money you spent on your fancy vintage ride. MIYNT gives us those fantasy themes, transporting their listeners into nirvana; or France.

The song involves a Bond movie that was never made and space monkeys.

 “I’ve always been inspired by early Bond movie theme music, so I wrote a synopsis for a Bond movie that never existed. The movie begins at a space station in the late ’60s where people (the bad guys) are doing experiments on space monkeys and then a lot of action plays out that I can’t reveal, though one thing I can say is that Bond goes on vacation to France two times in the film. I wrote all the music for this fake Bond movie but this is the only track that made it on this EP, which is about Bond’s 2nd trip to south of France.”

Listen to the self-produced tune below: