Sounds: Ayumi Ishito // “Clown Ride”

We are so thrilled to share this new tune from Ayumi Ishito on Left Bank—we regularly share indie rock / shoegaze / dream pop, and while I am a HUGE fan of jazz, it very rarely makes its way on the site.

So enters Ayumi Ishito, a Brooklyn-based artist with free spirited sounds and progressive structures that shine throughout.

From the first moment that Ayumi began to lead and compose music with an extraordinarily gifted & talented surrounding group of musicians that would become her official band in 2011, every step they’ve taken together since has been a solid step forward in the name of their art, craft, and creativity. 

The romantic tune “Clown Ride” becomes all at once playful and somewhat organized cacophony, proving that Ayumi Ishito has the skill and acumen to deviate and improvise, while still maintaining a sophisticated and disciplined structure.

Embracing the true nature of Jazz and going where the music would take her, Ayumi drew inspiration from listening to Progressive/Indie Rock & Free Jazz artists/bands, and through other mediums, like watching late-night Horror/Sci-Fi movies, which played a more pivotal role in her creativity, becoming the source for the name of her brand-new album being released on April 26th, 2019: Midnite Cinema.

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