Sounds: Oceaneater // “Time Well Spent”

Equal parts addictive and menacing in a way that only punk can do, oceaneater’s track “Time Well Spent” is everything that music should sound like—and make you feel.

From the very beginning, “Time Well Spent” wraps you into its aura with urgent drums, fuzzed guitars, and vocals that are on par with Girl Band or The Orwells. Oceaneater brings a freshness to garage rock with a decidedly southern essence that permeates the traditionally west coast sound. What you get then, is a refreshing take on true-to-form divey garage rock, with a post-punk bassline, and absolutely zero fucks.

It pounds through it’s chord changes and chanty, slightly discordant melodies with a nonchalance that both feels genuine and refreshingly not-overworked.

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