Sounds: Waterstrider // “Way Out”

This is an ode to Waterstrider.

Earlier today, I found myself thinking about Waterstrider. It’s that artist that you discover, fall in love with, discover other bands you love, and then find yourself right back where you started: with Waterstrider.

With an oeuvre that is on one end surfey as hell and on the other end, indie pop, Waterstrider (a project by Nate Salman) makes tracks that refuse to be boxed in—all while staying true to its original sound.

It’s remarkable how a Waterstrider track can come out and at the same time sound completely different from a previous track, but also stay in the same family. We’re talking years, people. In 2016, I first discovered Waterstrider and while “Way Out” couldn’t be more different from “White Light,” you still get the sense that he knows who he is, where he came from, and where he’s going.

Waterstrider has soul and a sense of self that is enviable. Waterstrider, I’ll never tire of you.

Photo by Gabriella Hernandez