Video: Johnny Utah // “Honeypie”

One word for this track and video by 23 year-old multi-instrumentalist Johnny Utah (Jacob Sullenger): obsessed.

“Honeypie” is a catchy AF dance pop track, with rap-like vocals, lo-fi roots and a music video that is so DIY it hurts—in a good way. Everything about the video is damn good vibes. I literally laughed the first time watching it, because it’s all at once funny, endearing, and totally danceable.

Since 2017 (after gaining a cult like following online due to viral videos on Twitter), Johnny Utah released a series of EP’s and singles all varying in styles and moods while retaining the same lo-fi pop roots and love-washed lyricism.

He even got placement of his track on High Maintenance in 2018. Literally, can I be Johnny Utah? Or his honeypie.

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