Vacation Forever

Video: Vacation Forever // “Shadow”

I tried to write this post blackout drunk last night and quickly realized that was a bad idea. So, here we are again, doing what I was set out to do yesterday but with a clear mind, and a bit more hydration.

Vacation Forever is a music project from Swedish artist Zacharias Zachrison. The songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, painter and model (who goes by Zacke) lost his mother in 2017 and left the band he founded—dealing with severe stage fright. After some serious soul-searching he started from scratch, which is what we have now in Vacation Forever.

The video for the surf rock tune “Shadow” is 1990’s vaporwave at its best. Performing through a collage of stacked TV’s, Vacation Forever has made a video that is rooted in nostalgia, with a contemporary wrapping.

The idea of this video started with an Instagram post in my feed by my friend Johanna Tano (@johannatano). She was working on an amazing visual art project with a bunch of old analog TVs. So I sent her a DM: “Can I borrow your TVs for my new music video?” … and she said YES!

As the year ends (hell, as a decade ends), Vacation Forever’s “Shadow” is one of the best things to come out of this decade. It’s utterly brilliant, simplistic, and hynotising. Watch the video below.