News: Lazy Susan Gallery Sale

After 4 years, Lazy Susan Gallery is excited to prepare for their next chapter—and today, we all can benefit. They are closing the 191 Henry street location on Monday December 30th and planning to move to a new location in 2020.

Because of this move, they are inviting you all to stop by, grab some free and cheap items, and say hi.

It’s been an honor to work with 50+ curators, groups and organizations, showcasing the work of hundreds of artists, creatives and more over the past 4 years here in our tiny corner of New York City at 191 Henry street. It’s time to close this location and find a new home for the Lazy Susan Project.

Lazy Susan

See here for list of items:

Free Items
Spray Paint $1
Used Paints $1
Track Lights $3
Stretcher Bars $.50 to $1 each
Used CDs $1
Dead Stock Zines $2 to $5

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