Sounds: Childmind // “Island of Lambs”

Sweden has been seeing a lot of playtime on Left Bank recently, to which I must say, we need to have a music olympics of sorts to get some more representation. Otherwise, I’m turning the key of the site over to the Swedes; go on, you lot deserve it.

Childmind (Hannes Glans) has put out this sick psych-rock track “Island of Lambs,” which tells the dark story about the Swedish island of Gotland. “Island of Lambs’ has an airy quality to it, with dark undertones that are hard to miss. The track doesn’t quite fit into a box, which I think Childmind is proud of—it’s got folk, psychedelic rock, and funk. Featuring equal amounts of playfulness and groove, Childmind mixes influences from King Gizzard, Unknown Mortal Orchestra with guitar harmonies, odd time signatures and improvisation in a way that would surely make Frank Zappa nod approvingly.

Wait for the solo at 2:39. Trust us.

Hannes sings and plays all the instruments on the debut album that is due out next year on Black Hair Records.

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