Sounds: Drauve // “Selling Out”

We recently discovered the new tune “Selling Out” from the dream pop act from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Drauve is the quintessence of dream-pop with airy, light vocals, an equally light surfey guitar, and vocal harmonies that sound downright angelic. Are we in church people or are we on the Left Bank? Someone slap me, because I can’t tell.

The four friends that make up Drauve (rhymes with mauve) make hazy tunes in a hazy basement for our benefit. With lyrics “what kind of love are you selling out for, is there a price you can put on pain you ignore,” Drauve speaks to the core of existential relationship experiences, wrapped around a bedroom pop (sorry, basement pop) sound that makes the reality of the lyrics a little easier to digest.

The new band has come onto the scene in a strong way and I’m interested/eager to see where 2020 takes Drauve.

Pic by Jenna McCloy Photography

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