Sounds: Glia // “You’re Right”

A lot can be said about the production and songwriting influence that has been handed down from the early 90’s era My Bloody Valentine. Some bands jumped on the ship ready with samplers and misplaced guitar invention, while other bands like Glia saw the possibilities of building a symphonic miasma of fuzzed out rock under the croon of a charismatic voice.

Hailing from Houston Texas, Glia is presumably named after the nerve cells that insulate the activity between the neural network, because they do just what is ascribed: create a cloud around all the textures and layers that happen in their music to give you just enough dark ambience to prick your ears to listen that much more.

The band drops dreamy melodies that eddy and swirl in the drive of their rhythm section and “You’re Right” blends instrumentally into a perfect texture—filling space not only with soaring guitars, but also through the evolution of psychedelia into this present-day noise rock.

-Miles Rinehart

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